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Summer Programs Tournaments
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Blasters Middle School Lacrosse

Blasters Lacrosse includes students from Roosevelt Middle School and Wilson Middle School.

Glendale High School Lacrosse

One of the oldest lacrosse programs in Southern California. This program serves a wide range of High School age girls and boys.

Glendale College Lacrosse

This is a newly established club team at Glendale Community College.

2022 Focus Programs  

Blasters Middle School Lacrosse,

Glendale High School Lacrosse, &

Glendale Community College Lacrosse. 

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About Verdugo Lacrosse

Verdugo Lacrosse is a 501c3 Non Profit organization. We are staffed by voluneters who seek to enrich the lives of youth through the sport of Lacrosse.

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When you donate to Verdugo Lacrosse you are providing safe equipment for kids to wear, high quality instruction from experienced coaching staff, and the opportunity for youth to be part of something bigger than themselves. 

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Why Verdugo Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States but is still relatively new to the West Coast. Verdugo Lacrosse was formed to create opportunities for youth to learn community, competition, and cooperation.

Unlike any other sport, Lacrosse is fast. You have to adapt at every moment, and learning how to adapt is good for these kids.

– Coach Joe Campbell –

How To Reach Us

Verdugo Lacrosse

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